About That Omnibus Broadband Cash

- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and GOP FCC Commissioner Mike O'Rielly both offered words of caution Wednesday about how the federal government should spend the $600 million going to the Agriculture Department's Rural Utilities Service for a broadband pilot as part of the recent omnibus spending law. "There was $600 million in there ostensibly for … Continue reading About That Omnibus Broadband Cash


Rural Broadband’s Only Hope: Thinking Outside the Box?

As states struggle to close the connectivity gap in rural areas, some experts believe a federal mandate, similar to the one that first brought those residents electricity, might be in order. The American landscape of broadband in rural areas is spotty at best. It is a picture covered with splotches of color. Some maps are … Continue reading Rural Broadband’s Only Hope: Thinking Outside the Box?

The State Of Broadband In Nevada County

Erika Kosina, Tech Connection Writer, has an Other Voices in The Union on the state of broadband in Nevada County Nevada County's tech industry is poised for growth. More and more tech talent and businesses are realizing what a great place Nevada County is to live. But before this growth can happen, we need two things: … Continue reading The State Of Broadband In Nevada County

RCRC Rural Broadband Update: FCC and Rural Utilities Service

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that the next meeting of the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (Committee) will be held on April 25, 2018 at 9 a.m. The Committee will hear reports and recommendations of its working groups on broadband deployment and discuss strategies for accelerating broadband deployment by reducing regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment. … Continue reading RCRC Rural Broadband Update: FCC and Rural Utilities Service

The Rural Broadband Space Connection

By Russ With the Trump budget following the private sector push into space by Space X, Blue Horizon, Virgin Galactic, and the traditional aerospace giants, the media is beginning to pay more attention to SPACE. POLITICO has launched a weekly space focused newsletter and Inverse a weekly podcast: WELCOME TO POLITICO SPACE, our new weekly … Continue reading The Rural Broadband Space Connection

Facebook Issues Burying Broadband News

It looks like the private data access issues at Facebook is smothering the broadband news cycle. With little information available it may be good time to review some of the longer papers on broadband issues.  I just posted a new paper on the cost of environmental reviews for G5 small cells installation under the Industry Tab … Continue reading Facebook Issues Burying Broadband News