Techwire: Broadband Spread: First the Route

Then the Tech California's Broadband Council held its first meeting aimed at allowing stakeholders to identify key communications corridors across the state. This will roll into the plan to develop the state's broadband infrastructure, delivering services to 98 percent of households, which is one of the council's legislative goals. More details HERE.


Broadband Mapping Anger Boils Over

— Senate Commerce lawmakers and telecom industry witnesses were unified during a Thursday hearing in slamming the accuracy of the FCC broadband mapping that will dictate eligibility for billions of dollars of Mobility Fund subsidies intended to help companies build out wireless service. The FCC had extended the time period for challenging the map accuracy, … Continue reading Broadband Mapping Anger Boils Over

ATTENTION: AB 1999 Easing the Way for Rural Communities

This is really important news! Governor Brown signed AB 1999 on 30 September 2018. Communities can now treat broadband as a critical infrastructure, just like water, wastewater management, trash collections, fire protection, and public transportation. Community Networks has the details: AB 1999 focuses on the responsibilities and authority of community service districts (CSDs), created to … Continue reading ATTENTION: AB 1999 Easing the Way for Rural Communities

Intel Promotes 5G Technology on POLITICO

“5G is not simply about the next generation of connectivity, where transmission speeds are faster and latency is reduced. 5G offers the ability to connect billions of smart devices with billions of other smart devices, creating virtually unlimited computing everywhere.” – Sandra Rivera, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Network Platforms Group at … Continue reading Intel Promotes 5G Technology on POLITICO

The August-September Digital Issue Of Broadband Communities Is Now Available.

Featured in the August-September issue of Broadband Communities: Ontario, California: Fiber fuels city expansion Modeling the economic benefits of broadband investment Smart home security for multifamily housing The power of regional networks And much more ... This is the economic development issues and deserves your attention, especially the economic modeling. There are some important messages … Continue reading The August-September Digital Issue Of Broadband Communities Is Now Available.

CETF 2018 Digital Divide Follow-up Survey

The California Emerging Technology Fund has published the 2018 Digital Divide Follow-up Survey. The survey was conducted by Davis Research who re-interviewed a subset of Californians participating in the 2017 Annual Survey. The survey finds many low-income Californians cannot afford broadband at home and are not aware that discount options exist. The survey also found … Continue reading CETF 2018 Digital Divide Follow-up Survey

Best Telco Rural Broadband Strategy?

While all the major 5G carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will use similar core infrastructure to create physical networks the chosen frequency spectrums and the strategic focus are different. "T-Mobile will attempt to roll out 5G nationwide with a 600MHz low-band service that will prioritize coverage over gigabit speeds." "Verizon will target dense urban areas … Continue reading Best Telco Rural Broadband Strategy?