The Moon Is Getting a 4G Connection Before Some Rural CA Communities

Talk about remote and a little more than rural Vodafone and Nokia are installing 4G on the moon for space science. The moon will have broadband before some of California's rural communities. It’s one thing being at the back of the queue for fast broadband – it’s quite another to see the moon pushing in … Continue reading The Moon Is Getting a 4G Connection Before Some Rural CA Communities


LA Times: Challenges for Space-based Broadband

The LA Times covers the technical and economic challenges of a space-based web. Musk's Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Greg Wyler's OneWeb, Boeing and Canada's Telesat are among the companies that have asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to offer broadband service using satellites. But Rusch said the technical challenges are daunting. Low-earth orbit systems … Continue reading LA Times: Challenges for Space-based Broadband

Starlink Satellite Update #2

Experts are not as enthusiastic about Elon Musk's network of broadband satellites as he is. Medium has some insight “Nothing has changed except the level of hysteria and the level of unrealistic expectations,” Roger Rusch, president of the TelAstra Inc. consultancy in Palos Verdes, California, told Bloomberg. The bleak history of projects like these and … Continue reading Starlink Satellite Update #2

StarLink Satellite Update

Elon Musk claims SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellite service will be IP-less Musk’s IP-less satellite Starlink service could change how we use the internet forever. Starlink, a massive satellite-based broadband internet service set to enter orbit in the near future, is said to be completely IP-less. At least, that’s what its creator and SpaceX founder Elon … Continue reading StarLink Satellite Update

Starlink Broadband Update

SpaceX Starlink satellite broadband gets off the ground A pair of blandly named satellites could serve as proof of concept for an ambitious global broadband service envisioned by Elon Musk. After days of delays, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the two small satellites, dubbed Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b, lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force base … Continue reading Starlink Broadband Update

In 2016 Space X Revealed Plans for Gigabit Broadband by Satellite

Space X has filed applications with the FCC to deploy a constellation of more than 4,000 satellites tasked with bringing gigabit broadband service to the masses. According to the applications made with the FCC, Space X’s plan involves the launch of 4,425 satellites into low-earth orbit, operating in the Ku and Ka frequency bands. Space … Continue reading In 2016 Space X Revealed Plans for Gigabit Broadband by Satellite