Today: FCC Meeting [08-02-18]

  At today's meeting, the commission will vote on preparations for 5G airwaves auctions in November and in 2019, as well as GOP Commissioner Brendan Carr's telehealth inquiry and an order on one-touch make-ready pole attachment reforms. Source: POLITICO Morning Tech View of the FCC Rule by Kelley Drye & Warren LLP - Joshua Guyan, … Continue reading Today: FCC Meeting [08-02-18]


Thune Eyes Packaging Broadband Deployment Bills

— Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) left Wednesday's 5G wireless hearing eyeing ways to combine his STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act, S. 3157 (115) , with "several bills that have been filed" also dealing with "faster deployment of broadband services," he told reporters. He says to expect another hearing on these and noted his … Continue reading Thune Eyes Packaging Broadband Deployment Bills

Happening Today

The House today will take up consideration of 20 bills under suspension of the rules, including some tech-related items: one measure, H.R. 3994 (115), would create an internet connectivity office in the National Telecommunications and Information Administration with the aim of promoting broadband access Source: POLITICO Morning Tech List of 20 Bills is HERE.

The Brookings Institute asks Will the US be 5G Ready? Will Communities Be Ready?

Brookings makes three important points. 1. The U.S. must rapidly adopt complementary public policies with timelines that address ongoing spectrum shortage concerns. 2. The deployment of small cell technologies must become a priority to accelerate 5G infrastructure. 3. Stakeholders involved in 5G deployment must keep top of mind the economic and social good that these … Continue reading The Brookings Institute asks Will the US be 5G Ready? Will Communities Be Ready?

“5G” Wireless Is the New Fiber Optic, Bait-and-Switch Scandal

Bruce Kushnick, a Telecom Analyst and New Networks Institute,Executive Director, & Founding Member has a long and rambling discussion of telco bait and switch on Medium, the last third of his article and link to full article is below.  This does not bode well for rural broadband, just a higher tech digital divide. Cities, towns … Continue reading “5G” Wireless Is the New Fiber Optic, Bait-and-Switch Scandal

RCRC Rural Broadband Update

Next week, House and Senate Republicans are expected to take on proposals to facilitate rural broadband deployment and improve broadband coverage mapping data. Republicans may attempt to expedite their rural broadband proposals before the midterm elections. Representative Greg Walden (R-Oregon), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is drafting a bill that would reauthorize … Continue reading RCRC Rural Broadband Update