Good News: Pai Maintains Broadband Speed

The FCC's Democrats acknowledged that Pai's 2018 Broadband Deployment Report isn't as bad as they feared. Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel tweeted she's glad the agency dropped the "crazy idea" of lowering the broadband speed benchmark, while Clyburn said the report is now "correctly concluding" that mobile broadband is not a substitute for a home connection. But … Continue reading Good News: Pai Maintains Broadband Speed


Reps. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) and David McKinley (R-W.V.) are introducing a broadband bill today that would require broadband conduit to be included in the construction of roads built with federal funding. This legislation would set up a mandate for such roads to have plastic pipes that could hold fiber-optic communications cable. The bill, Broadband Conduit … Continue reading Broadband-Palooza

Senate 5G Bill ‘Still Percolating’

Although House Republicans are making a lot of noise this week about broadband infrastructure proposals, top senators say a bill addressing 5G is still rolling along. "I know we were close before," Thune told John. "It's still percolating." Thune was working on this draft bill last year with Schatz and at one point hoped to … Continue reading Senate 5G Bill ‘Still Percolating’

Trump Promotes Rural Broadband During Farm Bureau Speech

From RCRC: The Barbed Wire - 01-12-18 On Monday, President Trump delivered a speech at the 99th Annual Farm Bureau Convention where he signed two executive orders to expand broadband deployment in rural areas. The first order, “Streamlining and Expediting Requests to Locate Broadband Facilities in Rural America,” will accelerate the deployment of broadband in … Continue reading Trump Promotes Rural Broadband During Farm Bureau Speech

Infrastructure Meetings Underway

Trump administration officials are set to be on Capitol Hill today "talking to my staff" about its infrastructure proposal, Thune told reporters Tuesday, noting his staffers have offered the White House ideas. The package, which may not be released until after the State of the Union on Jan. 30, is likely to address broadband in … Continue reading Infrastructure Meetings Underway

Trump’s Broadband Assist

The Trump administration is eyeing multiple "work streams" to help speed along broadband deployment, the National Economic Council's Grace Koh told reporters Friday: easing the permitting process on federal lands; letting towers built on federal lands also include infrastructure from telecom companies; and using dark fiber agencies have deployed to help rural providers through interconnection … Continue reading Trump’s Broadband Assist