5G Wireless Comes To Sioux Falls?

— Today Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) is convening a field hearing on 5G in Sioux Falls, S.D., where MT expects his STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act, S. 3157, will score a lot of chatter. (The measure would set deadlines for states and localities on small cell action.) Despite Thune's recent glum assessment that … Continue reading 5G Wireless Comes To Sioux Falls?


Broadband Mapping Problems

A GOA Report addressing the lack of broadband on tribal lands outlines the mapping problem. The full tribal lands report is HERE: Tribal BB In our September 2018 report on broadband access on tribal lands, we found that FCC collects broadband availability data from broadband providers, but its method for collecting the data does not accurately … Continue reading Broadband Mapping Problems

Broadband Mapping Anger Boils Over

— Senate Commerce lawmakers and telecom industry witnesses were unified during a Thursday hearing in slamming the accuracy of the FCC broadband mapping that will dictate eligibility for billions of dollars of Mobility Fund subsidies intended to help companies build out wireless service. The FCC had extended the time period for challenging the map accuracy, … Continue reading Broadband Mapping Anger Boils Over

Broadband On The Brain

— Senators are reiterating their frustrations about the digital divide this week, broaching the topic Wednesday at an Indian Affairs Committee hearing on tribal broadband gaps and poised to do so again today at a Senate Commerce hearing on rural broadband development. Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) on Wednesday teased forthcoming legislation intended "to clarify that … Continue reading Broadband On The Brain

Tech, Manufacturers Rally For Senate 5G Bill

— A coalition of 24 organizations is joining in a new letter today urging the Senate to advance the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act, S. 3157. The legislation from Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) would put limits on how long local governments can take to review 5G wireless infrastructure applications … Continue reading Tech, Manufacturers Rally For Senate 5G Bill