Crowdsourcing More Accurate Broadband Maps

by Russ Crowdsourcing, the practice of soliciting services, ideas or content from undefined groups both online and offline, is gaining in popularity among companies as an inexpensive way to accomplish costly or tedious tasks, like accessing key market intelligence.   According to Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel the FCC should be mobilizing agency field offices across … Continue reading Crowdsourcing More Accurate Broadband Maps


RCRC Rural Broadband Update

Next week, House and Senate Republicans are expected to take on proposals to facilitate rural broadband deployment and improve broadband coverage mapping data. Republicans may attempt to expedite their rural broadband proposals before the midterm elections. Representative Greg Walden (R-Oregon), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is drafting a bill that would reauthorize … Continue reading RCRC Rural Broadband Update

Blackburn Wants To Move NTIA Reauthorization Soon

— Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) saw among her House Energy and Commerce colleagues "a lot of agreement that we need to make certain NTIA is in shape to handle broadband and to push forward with this rural broadband expansion," she told reporters Tuesday following a hearing on GOP draft legislation to reauthorize NTIA for the … Continue reading Blackburn Wants To Move NTIA Reauthorization Soon

Crowd Source Solutions – Validating broadband availability

In 2012 the Gold County Broadband Consortia, one of the 14 Consortial funded by the California Public Utilities Commission, recognized that the California Broadband Maps did not reveal the correct broadband coverage at advertised speeds. GCBC developed a survey and purchased booth space at the Nevada County Fair. They asked fairgoers to fill out the … Continue reading Crowd Source Solutions – Validating broadband availability

Sen Manchin, Makes Wise Mapping Decision

The FCC says Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) can challenge its decision to exclude some areas of his state from subsidies to expand mobile broadband. The Mobility Fund auction will award $4.53 billion to companies to offer service in rural areas, but the FCC said some communities already have adequate service and are thus ineligible for … Continue reading Sen Manchin, Makes Wise Mapping Decision