Verizon’s wireless chief on 5G use cases: retail, manufacturing, gaming and more

Fierce Wireless has the story: And Dunne offered some specific 5G use cases that might leverage some of those features: Retail: "Think in a real-time enterprise environment for retail, where you can deliver both quality of insight and information about your customers that you might have previously only assumed that an online retailer can have, … Continue reading Verizon’s wireless chief on 5G use cases: retail, manufacturing, gaming and more


5G Still Needs to Prove its Worth — GlobalData Report Released

The ‘race to 5G’ has moved beyond the telecoms industry and become a priority for governments around the world, but it remains unclear whether the end result will ultimately be worth the effort, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. The company’s latest report, ‘5G - Thematic Research’, states that the hype around … Continue reading 5G Still Needs to Prove its Worth — GlobalData Report Released

Today: FCC Meeting [08-02-18]

  At today's meeting, the commission will vote on preparations for 5G airwaves auctions in November and in 2019, as well as GOP Commissioner Brendan Carr's telehealth inquiry and an order on one-touch make-ready pole attachment reforms. Source: POLITICO Morning Tech View of the FCC Rule by Kelley Drye & Warren LLP - Joshua Guyan, … Continue reading Today: FCC Meeting [08-02-18]

Thune Eyes Packaging Broadband Deployment Bills

— Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) left Wednesday's 5G wireless hearing eyeing ways to combine his STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act, S. 3157 (115) , with "several bills that have been filed" also dealing with "faster deployment of broadband services," he told reporters. He says to expect another hearing on these and noted his … Continue reading Thune Eyes Packaging Broadband Deployment Bills

CTIA on G5 Spectrum Needs

Testimony of Meredith Attwell Baker President & CEO CTIA on The Race to 5G: Exploring Spectrum Needs to Maintain U.S. Global Leadership before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation July 25, 2018 The full statement is HERE, However, the most interesting part for rural citizens seeking broadband are the paragraphs below. The … Continue reading CTIA on G5 Spectrum Needs

Hearing On “Oversight Of The FCC”

Some highlights from the prepared Statement Of Chairman Ajit Pai United States Leadership in 5G. . . .the FCC is moving forward aggressively to hold auctions and move a substantial amount of spectrum into the commercial marketplace. On November 14, we plan on beginning our 28 GHz band auction, which will be quickly followed by … Continue reading Hearing On “Oversight Of The FCC”

Cell Tower Rats

There is growing opposition to cell phones towers as telcos start asking permission to install more 4G towers and 5G small cell tower on about every city block. Here are some examples: Sebastopol Palo Alto Santa Rosa Danville The opposition often cites studies showing evident carcinogenicity from cell phone radiation, so we should be concerned. … Continue reading Cell Tower Rats