If Big Telco’s do not First Succeed, They Try Try Again

The FCC formed the Broadband Development Advisory Committee earlier this year, noted HERE that failing to gain state leverage in an unfettered installation of G5 networks the big Telcos will resort to federal mussels to have unrestricted infrastructure access. According to a post at Steve Blum’s Blog the BDAC “…is top heavy with lobbyists and … Continue reading If Big Telco’s do not First Succeed, They Try Try Again

How Tax Reform Can Support Rural Broadband

Brookings: Nicol Turner-Lee, Fellow - Governance Studies, Center for Technology Innovation Not all U.S. communities are created equal when it comes to broadband deployment and availability. Earlier this year, my colleagues Blair Levin and Carol Mattey shared the challenges associated with deploying broadband in rural areas. According to the authors, it is not only expensive, … Continue reading How Tax Reform Can Support Rural Broadband

Broadband Gaps Impact Every Member of Congress

Brooking Institute Adie Tomer Digital connectivity is the glue of the modern American economy. From rural farmers to city business leaders, every industry relies on broadband to track markets, connect with customers, and sell their products. The American household is equally reliant on broadband, whether its kids bringing home their digital classrooms, adults telecommuting to … Continue reading Broadband Gaps Impact Every Member of Congress

Broadband as Critical Infrastructure

On November 8th of this year in a California Advanced Services Fund presentation, Cynthia Walker who is the Director of the Communications Division, outlined some Big Picture Ideas for Discussion in implementing AB-1665 and changes to the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) Program. Those ideas are presenting in the graphic below: I would like to … Continue reading Broadband as Critical Infrastructure

More Broadband Mapping Angst

Rep. Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) is the latest lawmaker to say the FCC needs to step up action on broadband mapping. "My constituents have repeatedly expressed frustration with their limited access to broadband Internet, calling into question FCC's census-based maps that inaccurately claim otherwise," he wrote Thursday in a letter to Chairman Ajit Pai, criticizing the … Continue reading More Broadband Mapping Angst

RCRC: Hearing Held on “Internet of Things”

From the RCRC Newsletter: The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation and the Internet held a hearing on expanding access to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) in rural communities.  “Beyond generating simple conveniences, Internet of Things technologies are taking on more significant and vital roles in our lives,” Chairman Roger Wicker … Continue reading RCRC: Hearing Held on “Internet of Things”