Broadband communications infrastructure is vital to rural economic development. According to university studies and public policy institutions California rural communities do not have the same access to broadband which city dwellers and business do, thus creating a rural digital divide. There are a number of initiatives and issues that impact how this digital gap can be eliminated. This blog will track those initiative and examine associated issues for users, local government and economic developers.  Some of the issues, in no priority order,  are:

  Trump Infrastructure Broadband Initiative

  Rural 5G Network Buildout

  California Broadband Initiatives

  NextNet Implementation

  Broadband Mapping Accuracy

  Microsoft TV Broadband Initiative

The authors quest for rural broadband started in early 1990, eventually serving as co-chair of the Nevada County Economic Resource Council’s Telecommunications Committee, CEO of Nevada County Community Network a non-profit Internet provider and Broadband Mapping Consultant to the Sierra Economic Development Corporation (SEDCorp), most recently for the Sierra Business Council.

The author has been blogging since August 2004 addressing Nevada County rural issues on multiple blogs and Climate Change at The Next Grand Minimum. He also currently serves on several local non-profit organization boards and is a former Nevada County Transportation Commissioner. 

The author wrote and published Cobalt: Legacy of the Blackbird Mine. He has written newspaper technology columns and has been published in Trailer Life (5), Comstock’s Business(19), Satellite Times (2) Idaho Magazine (3), Nevada County Business News (2) and multiple newsletters.