FCC Allocates $2.1 Million to Improve Broadband Access in Nevada County

The Union has a lack of details:

A county desiring better internet access just caught a break.

In an effort to “close the digital divide in rural America” the Federal Communications Commission announced it will be allocating $2.1 million to Nevada County to build broadband internet, according to a Thursday press release by the commission.

The commission authorized over $50 million in funding over the next decade to support internet access for 21,000 unserved California businesses and homes.

The broadband targets 2,321 locations in Nevada County that don’t have access, and gives providers Cal.net and Viasat three years to complete 40 percent of the project. Each subsequent year, “build out must increase by 20 percent” until the project is completed by the end of the sixth year.

But Nevada County’s chief information officer believes the project’s completion will only take a year or two.

“I’m happy to see monies being released coming into our county,” said Steve Monaghan. “Every dollar helps.”

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Shannon Schroter in the comments asked an important question:

What technology will this ‘broadband internet’ network rollout be using? Copper wire, telephone lines, fiber optics, existing 4G, new 5G towers? This article doesn’t say.

According to the auction documents Cal.Net is using fixed wireless technology.

Cal.net, Inc., is receiving over $50.5 million over 10 years to deploy service to 20,859 homes and businesses in California, most of which will get access to service delivering speeds of at least 100 Mbps downstream/20 Mbps upstream, using fixed wireless technology.

The article mentions Viasat but they are not listed as one of the current winners in Attachment A of the FCC announcement.

Previous wins for Viasat was for High Latency connections, not the high-speed connections provided by fixed wireless technology.

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