More DIY Fiber Served Networks in Western Nevada County?

By Russ Steele

I described the Beckville Network HERE, an innovate way to access the VAST Fiber network which twists and winds through Western Nevada County’s rural neighborhoods. Does this fiber network come close to your area?  See the map.


One essential item NOT on the map is the splice points, where a point-of-presence could easily be established by VAST for access to the fiber.

I am working on a map with more details, but one of the first items to add should be the potential access points.

Ten years ago I  used my GPS to find all the AT&T DSL Remote Terminals by following the fiber cable and then recording the location using the GPS for plotting on a digital map.  If interested in starting a network, drive the route and spot the splice point vaults.  Wish I had a photo to show you what to look for. 

Any interest in developing a plan for your neighborhood?  Leave a comment with contact information. 

2 thoughts on “More DIY Fiber Served Networks in Western Nevada County?

  1. Michael Anderson June 3, 2019 / 1:19 am

    Hi Russ…first of all, I apologize for my “blather” comment on The Union during our exchange about Susan Crawford’s book a couple of months ago. My comment was very specific to a single characterization you made about the history of broadband advocacy in Nevada County during the past decade, but I never followed up to explain that specific detail.

    So, let’s do a reset. I have been following your blog here on and off for a while and I have to say that it is extremely comprehensive and full of a lot of helpful information for anyone who wants to promote broadband in Northern California, and the rest of the US for that matter.

    I do believe that now is the time for many people to join forces and get this thing done. I applaud your efforts here and I would like to give you some insight into other arenas that perhaps you are not yet aware.

    Please feel free to email me at any time. And I will work to be active on your blog, promoting it to the existing network of people in Nevada County who are also very active in trying to get past the various hurdles. Thanks and take care…

    Michael Anderson


    • Russ Steele June 3, 2019 / 4:36 am

      Welcome aboard Michael. My goal is to be an information resource for communities and organizations willing to stop waiting for the telcos to bring them broadband and take the initiative. It would certainly be beneficial to have more community insight into what is happening locally in rural counties. Using your network of contact would be helpful. I have some question I will send by email. Thank for your kind words.


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