Verizon 5G Mini Tower in Chicago (Updated)

This is ugly:

Chicago_Verizon 5G minitower
If this is what 5G mini towers are going to look like 5G is going to be a hard sell in older cities that value their historic charm. This one is in Chicago, not the most charming place in the world. Do you want one of these on every block in your community?

Digital Trends has a review of the Galaxy-10S 5G phone from Samsung in Chicago, details HERE.

Update 05-17-19:

5G networks have only just begun to spread—a few providers, including AT&T and Verizon, have started going live in a handful of cities. Already, though, the NIMBY problem looms large for those who want to see the next generation of wireless technology proliferate.

And last month, in what could be a precedent-setting decision, a San Francisco judge ruled that the aesthetic argument alone can be enough to justify the rejection of new 5G infrastructure.

The decision came in response to a lawsuit filed by T-Mobile against the city and county, challenging a 2011 city ordinance limiting telecommunications companies from installing 5G lines and equipment on utility poles. T-Mobile argued that the local law was preempted by state law. Now, a judge has determined it wasn’t, and agreed with San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s argument that putting 5G equipment up on San Francisco’s utility poles could take away from the city’s allure as a tourist destination, by “diminish[ing] the City’s beauty.”




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