CTIA: A National Spectrum Strategy to Lead in 5G

CTIA proposed Spectrum Strategy

To secure America’s 5G leadership, we need a National Spectrum Strategy, based on free market principles, that includes the following key steps:

1. The creation of a 5-year schedule of auctions that puts more high-, mid- and low-band spectrum in the hands of America’s wireless industry

2. Recommitting U.S. spectrum policy to proven free market approaches that harness the power of competition to enhance our nation’s economic and national security

3. Modernizing government policies and procedures to ensure optimal use of spectrum
This plan will unleash a significant spectrum stimulus that will create jobs, grow our economy, and help America lead the industries of the future.

Keep reading HERE.

More low band spectrum will help promote rural broadband.  The lower band signals travel farther and penetrate buildings and foliage better than the mid and high bands.

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