6G: the Wireless Communications Network for Collaborative and AI Applications

The MIT Technology Review examines the details in Ready for 6G? How AI Will Shape the Network of the Future.

With 5G networks rolling out around the world, engineers are turning their attention to the next incarnation

Mobile-phone technology has changed the way humans understand and interact with the world and with each other. It’s hard to think of a technology that has more strongly shaped 21st-century living.

The latest technology — the fifth generation of mobile standards, or 5G — is currently being deployed in select locations around the world. And that raises an obvious question. What factors will drive the development of the sixth generation of mobile technology? How will 6G differ from 5G, and what kinds of interactions and activity will it allow that won’t be possible with 5G?

Today, we get an answer of sorts, thanks to the work of Razvan-Andrei Stoica and Giuseppe Abreu at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. These guys have mapped out the limitations of 5G and the factors they think will drive the development of 6G. Their conclusion is that artificial intelligence will be the main driver of mobile technology and that 6G will be the enabling force behind an entirely new generation of applications for machine intelligence.

Continue reading HERE.

The full paper by Razvan-Andrei Stoica and Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas de Abreu is HERE

Rural communities with enough populations density to meet the telecom ROI hurdles will be the tail end installs, with a ten-year rollout. Many urbanites will get 6G before rural communities have access to 5G. Rural communities may have satellite broadband access by 2021, with access to all the AI they could ever imagine, before 5G arrives. Why worry about 6G?

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