President Trump on 5G

What percentage of the population is without broadband Internet options?

The Eighth Broadband Progress Report finds that approximately 19 million Americans—6 percent of the population—still lack access to fixed broadband service at threshold speeds. In rural areas, nearly one-fourth of the population —14.5 million people—lack access to this service.
Eighth Broadband Progress Report | Federal Communications …

I watched to the President and FCC Pai and I am encouraged that Trump is showing leadership on the rural broadband issues.   However, the 20 billion rural initiative over a decade will only cover 6 million of the 14 million without broadband access, this is less than half. It is going to take a lot of costly fiber as every one of the 5G small cell towers requires a big pipe backhaul connection. In today’s world that is a lot of fiber.

There will soon be alternative backhaul options, the  LEO Sat business plans include 5G backhaul.  I am not sure the land-based infrastructure people in the WH meeting are aware of the change that is about to happen.  Is the government aware of the space-based networks and their potential to change the backhaul game?


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