Fearing Cancer From 5G, Portland City Council May Ask FCC to Investigate

Fearing unknown health risks, members of the City Council in Portland, Oregon, will vote Wednesday to oppose the rollout of 5G wireless networks.

In a proposed resolution, Mayor Ted Wheeler, along with Commissioners Chloe Eudaly and Amanda Fritz, write that there’s evidence suggesting wireless networks can cause health problems — including cancer.

They express concern that the Federal Communications Commission has not conducted enough research to demonstrate that 5G networks are safe, while at the same time prohibiting state and local governments from passing their own regulations on telecommunications technology.

And while Wheeler, Eudaly, and Fritz are correct about the FCC’s power to dictate how state and local governments manage wireless networks, the connection between 5G networks and cancer is a lot more complicated than they say it is.

What Does the Science Say About 5G and Cancer?

“There is evidence to suggest that exposure to radio frequency emissions generated by wireless technologies could contribute to adverse health conditions such as cancer,” reads the proposed resolution. This evidence comes from a large-scale study conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The final results of this study, published in November 2018, showed a strong association between the type of radiation used for mobile phone signals and certain types of cancerous tumors in lab rats.

But that’s where the situation gets tough.

how-4g-antennas-broadcast-signals-compared-to-how-5g-antennas-beam-signals-across-a-city4g vs 5g signals

How 4G antennas broadcast signals compared to how 5G antennas beam signals across a city.

The NTP study, which took place over 10 years and involved exposing more than 7,000 rats and mice to radio-frequency radiation — the type used in cell phones — didn’t actually involve 5G networks. It didn’t even involve 4G or 4G LTE, which are used today. It focused only on signals used by wireless technology under the 2G and 3G standards.

Continue reading HERE for a discussion of Local vs Federal Regulations

Here is some insight into the impact of 4G on brain cancer:


Use of 4G has not increased brain cancer rates,  there is a slight decline.  Your thoughts on the danger of 5G signals.

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