Verizon On Nationwide 5G

— The wireless giant recently launched its 5G network in two cities — Minneapolis and Chicago — but will the rest of the country get coverage? Verizon’s Ronan Dunne, president of the company’s consumer group, told Margaret, “Our absolute plans are nationwide 5G coverage. How we achieve that may be technologically different in different places.”

— The company’s vision for reaching that goal? Dunne said a dense network that relies on high-frequency airwaves makes sense for 5G in urban areas, but for rural and semi-rural areas, a mix of spectrum that offers both coverage and capacity is key. “We will continue to re-farm the existing spectrum we have in the mid and low bands, and we will continue to encourage the FCC and the government to bring more and more spectrum — both high-frequency and midband — and make it available as quickly as possible.”

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

The use if lower frequency UHF and Mid-Band spectrum are critical for rural communities.  Lower frequencies have the longer reach needed in rural applications. However, lower frequencies have narrower bandwidths with lower throughput speeds.  Some G5 is better than no G5.

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