Telesat LEO—The why’s and wherefore’s

Telesat Test One

Satellite Magazine has the full details HERE, below is a summary of the services that Telesat a Canadian satellite operator plans to provide with a fleet of 117 LEO satellites starting in 2020.

Mobility: Targeting vessels on the ocean and aircraft flying polar routes concentrating capacity into areas of highest demand, such as major airports and seaports.

Carrier Backhaul and Enterprise Connectivity: Backhaul for 4G/5G networks with a focus on rural institutions such as schools and hospitals, plus remote enterprises, mines, and factories providing high-speed connectivity just like urban entities.

 Government and Defense: The government is exploring ways to leverage the advantages of next-generation broadband LEO mega constellations, especially the low latency and high resiliency that results from their full global, pole-to-pole coverage for military programs including unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as other sovereign applications diplomatic communications, border control, and protection are  listed in the article.

The focus is not on supplying individual users broadband services but institutional organizations that can server their members.   

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