OneWeb Wants to Rebuild the Internet in Space

The Denver Post has the OneWeb story and Greg Wyler’s dream of connecting the world.

Wyler’s dream to beam the internet from space to remote corners of the world is finally here, he said. In February, the first of his company’s satellites launched from a remote launch site in French Guiana, a key step toward building a constellation that could eventually reach nearly 2,000 satellites.

If Wyler’s plans are successful, what he and his fellow executives at OneWeb envision is nothing short of revolutionary: becoming one of the world’s largest providers of internet service by building the architecture in space, allowing billions more people to use the web. Wyler founded the Britain-based company in 2012.

“The ultimate goal is to connect every school in the world and bridge the digital divide,” Wyler said in an interview after his pep talk. “We’re bringing connectivity and enabling it for people around the world, and in rural populations.”

If successful, remote areas all over the world — from Alaska to Africa — that are out of reach of fiber optic cables could suddenly join the world of Facebook and YouTube, a feat Wyler and others believe could be transformative.

But building the backbone of the internet in orbit is no easy task. Others have tried to put up constellations of communications satellites. The enormous cost is only outmatched by the risks of putting up hundreds of spacecraft in orbit.

Full Story is HERE


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