FirstNet Newsletter


Wi-Fi and Video Calling launched Jan. 4, 2019, on the Samsung Galaxy A6. Wi-Fi and Video Calling allow first responders on FirstNet first access to the FirstNet packet core in the event the LTE Radio Access Network is not accessible and public Wi-Fi® access is accessible.

Real Time Text launched Jan. 4, 2019, on the Samsung Galaxy A6 and LG Stylo 4+. Real Time Text is a TeleTYpeWriter alternative for hearing- or speech-impaired customers that sends text as it is typed. It is useful for making both every day and emergency calls. You start a text conversation like a voice call, but it is different from instant messaging and SMS. Both parties see text characters appear on their devices as they are typed.

Master Local Control in minutes! Visit our newly-launched training site. And learn to quickly navigate the robust features and functionality available to you in Local Control. Participate in an interactive instructor-led 60-minute course, offered multiple times to fit your schedule. See the full list of training sessions available to you and register now to reserve your Local Control training session.

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