Upcoming Rural Health Webinar – December 13

The Global Cities Team Challenge Smart Agriculture and Rural SuperCluster, which is facilitated by NTIA and NIST, is hosting a webinar on the Rural Health Initiative on December 13 at 1pm ET.  The webinar will discuss the launch of the Rural Health Intuitive (RHI) to improve access to high-quality healthcare in rural America. CoBank, WTA Foundation, and Perry Health are the founding sponsors of the Initiative, which seeks to help healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics and behavioral/mental health agencies to bring high quality care into patient homes.  Tailored for rural settings, Perry’s software offers providers the ability to deliver digital care plans, remotely monitor health metrics, and provide interventions via telemedicine through an app-based platform.  The RHI intends to work with various stakeholders to address a community’s specific health issue challenges, such as diabetes, opioid abuse, heart failure, and lung-related diseases.  The scheduled webinar speakers include Sarah Tyree, Vice President, Policy and Public Affairs, CoBank; and Anshu Vaish, CEO, Perry Health.  NTIA’s Jean Rice will moderate.  For more information, contact jrice@ntia.doc.govWebEx Webinar Site No pass code needed.  Meeting code is 740128910.  Call in: 866-860-0870; passcode: 74729120

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