Growing Interest in Telehealth?  Problem who pays for it?

This week I came across several articles on Telehealth, two with different points of view. The links are below:

Comstock’s: The Doctor Is (Logged) In

The rise of telehealth targets rural patients and preventative medicine.

POTs and PANs: The Slow Growth of Telemedicine

One of the most hoped-for benefits of rural broadband has been the use of telemedicine to conduct routine doctor visits via a broadband connection rather than requiring rural patients to drive to cities for a doctor’s visit. However, the use of telemedicine hasn’t grown as fast as once predicted.

In the early 2000s Intel developed some interesting telehealth devices and after exploring the market sold off the development unit, as they could not identify how and who was going to pay for in-home health monitoring. They approached the government and were rebuffed, same response from the medical insurance companies. Unable to find a source of revenue for its telehealth products Intel abandoned the in-home health monitoring market.

More insight at the Rural Health Webinar below:

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