Will South Dakota Get 5G?

Apparently the answer is NO, according to POTs and PANs Doug Dawson.

I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t say that somebody won’t invest in 5G in states like South Dakota. But I understand business plans and paybacks and I can’t foresee any of the current big ISPs in the industry making the needed investments where housing density is low. Smaller ISPs can’t raise the huge amount of needed money. It’s certainly possible that some of the neighborhoods a few cities in the state might see some 5G, but that’s probably not going to be on anybody’s radar for a while. I’m skeptical because I just can’t see a way to make the math work.

Full Post by Doug Dawson is HERE.

Doug makes some excellent points that can be applied to any sparsely populated areas. Take the census maps and look a the population density and you will see where G5 is not going to go. It takes customers to pay off the investment, and 5G when you consider the cost of the required infrastructure rural communities are going to get left at the altar once again by big telco. If you do not have 4G in your neighborhood now, you will most likely never see 5G either.

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