Wireless Lawsuits Pile Up Against FCC 5G Order

— It turns out Sprint was not the only wireless giant to feel shortchanged by the FCC’s September order aimed at helping carriers deploy 5G small infrastructure. AT&T filed its own legal challenge in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, as did Puerto Rico Telephone Co. in the First Circuit . “AT&T is affected by the determinations in the Order because delays on requests for authorization to construct postpone deployment of wireless facilities,” the carrier wrote. “AT&T is thus aggrieved by the Order and has standing to challenge it.”

— Although wireless companies were seen as the big winner at the expense of local government authority in the FCC’s order, industry is complaining that the commission should have included a provision to automatically grant their applications for installing small cell facilities if local governments fail to act in a timely fashion. As for what’s next: With these companies filing in the D.C. Circuit, 1st Circuit and 10th Circuit, and big cities like Los Angeles and Seattle challenging the order in the 9th Circuit, watch for a court lottery to determine which judges will ultimately handle the case.

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

The question is will these court cases slow down the installation of 5G infrastructure?

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