Doug Dawson is Not a Fan of the 5G Hype

Below is a quote from THIS article written by Doug at POTS and PANs

There is one aspect of the hype that I do buy. While I can’t see any way to equate the value of 5G to be as important as electricity, it is likely to share the same kind of introduction cycle that we saw with the electric grid. It took 25 years for electricity to spread to the majority of US cities and another 25 years until it was in most of rural America. New technologies today deploy faster than the deployment of electric grids – but this still can’t happen overnight and is at likely to be many years until rural America sees 5G cellular and a lot longer for 5G fixed broadband.

This is some valuable insight. From my point of view, if you do not have 4G LTE now, the probability you will have 5G anytime soon is very small. When building infrastructure nothing happens overnight, it is an evolutionary area process driven by the return on investment, which has a population density function.

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