C|Net: 5G Is Coming, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Negative YardsignIt all started with a notice in the mail.

Early in April, residents of Oakmore, a quiet neighborhood of single-family homes in Oakland, California, received an ordinary-looking envelope from a company called OnAir. Inside was a flyer inviting them to an open house where Verizon would tell them how it expects to install 16 new wireless antennas in the area.

The carrier’s promises were enthusiastic: “Verizon Wireless is improving wireless service in Oakland!” the notice read.

Alexis Schroeder, who’s lived in Oakmore for 21 years, was immediately curious. She made plans to attend the meeting, set for a few weeks later. Then, disappointed by the lack of straight answers at the event, she left vowing to change Verizon’s plans. As a Verizon customer, she admits she could benefit from new antennas. But as she sees it, Verizon, backed by the FCC, is bullying its way through the process.

The full story of the resistance is HERE.

Oakmore joins Nevada City CA and Shreveport LA resistance to 5G. We can expect more cities to join the legions of fight 5G organizations. Strap in as 5G install is going to be a wild ride.



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