G5 FCC Update

CARR TRIP — Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is kicking off a series of events focusing on 5G and rural broadband through the Dakotas and Minnesota. Today’s outings include a visit to local tower sites and companies, a swing by a manufacturing facility and a meeting with the Farmers Mutual Telephone Co.

5G SPREE The Senate Commerce Committee, meanwhile, will take up the topic this Friday at a Sioux Falls, S.D., hearing on barriers to broadband and next-generation wireless deployment. Witnesses will include Carr and Sioux Falls city mayor Paul TenHaken, along with scholars and industry representatives.

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

I would like to be fly on the wall at these meetings, it is not clear to me how 5G is going to meet rural broadband user needs.  mmWave cell sites have limited range and require line of site access between users and providers devices. A mmWave mini-cell only covers about a 1 square mile area. Some rural driveways are two miles long.


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