NTIA: We’re Working To Fix The Broadband Mapping Problem

The article is at Fierce Wireless

There’s a lot going on out there that these [current] maps don’t cover,” David Redl, the NTIA’s administrator, said here during keynote remarks at the annual Competitive Carriers Association trade show. He noted that the regional and rural wireless network operators that make up the bulk of the CCA’s membership continue to upgrade their networks across the country, and that NTIA’s broadband map should reflect that work.

Indeed, Redl said the NTIA has been reaching out to smaller wireless network operators and others in order to collect data that it will eventually use to update the agency’s broadband map.

He added that the agency is looking to work with an unnamed state to pilot new broadband mapping technologies in the coming months.

Rest of the Article is HERE.

Redl said the agency received 53 sets of comments “indicating a variety of data sources and approaches that we can use to support these efforts.”

The Insightworks submitted comments on Broadband Mapping and participated in the beta testing of a highspeed internet recording device which can be used to validate speeds reported by the ISPs.

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