Verizon 5G Field Report

I was in Sacramento for a medical appointment and had about 30 minutes to spare and went looking for one of the Verizon 5G Cells in Sacramento. According to a Sacramento City Press Release with the locations of the cells, there should have been one at 2032 Q street. If it was there I could not find it. My assumption was it would be attached to a utility pole. One of the issues, I was not sure what a Verizon 5G Cell would look like. However, as a retired Electronics Warfare Office and amateur radio operator, I would recognize one if I saw one. I did not see anything that looked like a 5G cell on utility poles at 2032 Q Street.

RCRWireless News has a report from Houston:

Verizon 5G small Cell

Verizon’s official launch of its 5G fixed wireless access service is only two days old, but Mike Thelander and Emil Olbrich of Signals Research Group are already on the ground in Houston, Texas, field-testing the live network’s capabilities.

Houston is one of four initial launch markets for the Verizon 5G Home internet service. Speaking to RCR Wireless News from Houston, Thelander, CEO and founder of SRG, started off with the caveat that he hasn’t had a chance to analyze the data yet, so his remarks were observational — but nonetheless said that Verizon’s 5G TF radio interface at 28 GHz is performing as-advertised, and in fact described the 5G TF air interface as “very phenomenal.”

Verizon 5g interface

Rest of the article is HERE, including this good news:

SRG had previously conducted similar independent testing of Verizon’s 5G TF test network earlier this year and found that the millimeter-wave signals were much more resilient than expected at distances of up to several thousand feet from a site and in challenging non-line-of-sight conditions. Though the results from this week’s testing aren’t officially in, Thelander said they saw much the same signal behavior on the live 5G TF network


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