5G Rule Done, Now the Legal Challenges Start

Although the Federal Communications Commission moved forward Wednesday with an order curtailing local governments’ authority to regulate the rollout of fifth-generation wireless, jurisdictions are now looking at months of uncertainty over when the new rules will be implemented.

The rule sets strict approval times for governments to consider permits and caps the fees jurisdictions can charge providers.

All major state and local organizations opposed the measure, despite its anticipated approval, and are expected to petition the FCC for reconsideration—possibly followed by lawsuits, said Angelina Panettieri, principal associate for technology and communications at the National League of Cities.

“We didn’t see a lot of advocates for local government on the dais today,” Panettieri told Route Fifty. “This order is going to increase the amount of litigation around small cell proposals.”

Commissioner Brendan Carr, a Republican, introduced the rule earlier this month promising providers would save $2 billion on unnecessary fees while speeding up the release of the much-faster 5G service to cities and underserved rural and suburban communities.

Rest of the article is HERE. [Emphasis added]

Given the short range of 5G minicells, I would like to see the FCC or NTIA, or anyone to make the case for how 5G is going to bring highspeed internet to rural communities.  I just do not see it. If I am missing something please post a comment.


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