The Race To 5G

— Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel will discuss all things 5G with Margaret at a POLITICO event this morning. Expect to hear more about the infrastructure needed for the next-generation wireless service — including Carr’s proposal to preempt local rules that stand in the way of installation — as well as the innovations the service might bring. POLITICO CEO Patrick Steel kicks things off with an executive conversation with Intel’s Sandra Rivera, and John will also moderate a panel with Jordan Crenshaw, assistant policy counsel at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s technology engagement center, and Gerard Lederer, a partner at BBK Law.

— What’s on the line: A new graphic from Pro’s DataPoint team lays out the main issues at play. “Billions of dollars are potentially at stake for the country that leads in 5G and sets global standards, as the United States did with the implementation of 4G,” Janie Boschma and Patterson Clark write. “To take the lead again and beat out competitors such as China and South Korea, the wireless industry argues the local approval process for small cells needs to be standardized — so they can install small cells easier, faster and cheaper than current regulations designed for large, traditional cell towers allow.”

— State your case: Some 21 states have enacted legislation to streamline small cell regulations, but others have reservations. “The legislation has been controversial in some states, however, with residents worried about potential health implications and local governments concerned about limits on their regulatory authority,” the report notes. In California, for example, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a small cell bill last year, calling for “a more balanced solution.” And similar measures have failed in six other states this year — while others are pending in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

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