White House Plans 5G Event

— The White House is planning to hold a meeting on 5G networks Sept. 28 with government officials and industry executives, as the wireless industry looks for help from policymakers to deploy the next-generation technology, Margaret reported for Pros on Friday. NTIA Administrator David Redl, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, White House Deputy Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios and Wireless Internet Service Providers Association President Claude Aiken are among those expected to attend. Representatives from wireless carriers, including T-Mobile and the trade group CTIA, also have been invited.

— 5G blow up, revisited: Remember, the Trump administration made waves earlier this year when a National Security Council staffer floated a proposal to nationalize 5G, rather than leaving it to the private sector, in part due to fears of Chinese espionage. Sources familiar with the White House 5G event, however, said it would highlight the benefits of a U.S. industry-driven approach, rather than the top-down, nationalized effort in China. The event is expected to include sessions on rural broadband, spectrum policy and national security.

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech [Emphsas Added]


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