Community Broadband Networks

When big cable and the big telco will not provide broadband services at a reasonable cost, over 750 communities across the nation have built and operated their own broadband networks. Here is a short video explaining Community Broadband Networks.

This is a map showing the location and type of network, with the Legend below.

Community Networks

Community Networks LegendIt is time for all rural communities to evaluate their future telecommunications needs and determine if they are going to be left out of the G5 networks. They need to develop a strategic plan and explore the alternative to the G5 promises of the big telcos that will never be fulfilled. Community leaders need to examine the cables companies intent to reach all the citizens in the community. These cable and telcos are ROI driven, and many rural communities do not have the population density necessary to break through the benchmarks in the telco and cable company planning tools.

What is your community doing to bring broadband to all citizens? Waiting for 5G is not a solution it is a pipe dream, the only result will be frustration and disappointment.  Join the other 750 communities that have take control of their economic future.

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