CTIA on G5 Spectrum Needs

Testimony of Meredith Attwell Baker President & CEO CTIA
on The Race to 5G: Exploring Spectrum Needs to Maintain U.S. Global Leadership before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation July 25, 2018

The full statement is HERE, However, the most interesting part for rural citizens seeking broadband are the paragraphs below. The 600 MHz works better is forested areas and the “rural dividend” will provide the additional funds to implement rural broadband.

The AIRWAVES Act would provide key new low-band spectrum that offers great coverage and propagation characteristics that can help reach hard-to- serve areas. Further, the recently auctioned 600 MHz spectrum is rapidly being deployed as broadcasters vacate that spectrum. Both steps will help extend mobile coverage. Similarly, the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act and other siting reforms can help reduce the cost and complexity of deploying in rural America and on adjacent federal lands, particularly in the West. And lower siting fees will free capital for more deployment.

One of the most promising proposals for reaching more Americans is in Senators Gardner and Hassan’s AIRWAVES Act. AIRWAVES not only provides us a roadmap to win the 5G race but will also help us shrink the digital divide through its “rural dividend” provision. That provision sets aside 10 percent of the proceeds from new spectrum auctions for deployment of wireless networks in rural America. If this provision had been in place during the last two spectrum auctions, the rural dividend would have made available an additional $6 billion to build out wireless in rural America and unserved communities. CTIA urges Congress to expeditiously pass this legislation and implement this program, which would drive greater rural investment without the need for taxpayer funding.

There also was an appeal for more accurate broadband maps.  Is it had to make a good decision without accurate information.

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