Get ready for upcoming 6G wireless

We do not have G5 yet and industry is already working on G6. Communities are just coming to grips with the installation of one small cell tower per acre, depending on terrain and structures, as G5 wireless services get ready for prime time, with backhaul and backward-compatibility issues resolved.

A research group is exploring 5G’s ultimate replacement — terahertz-based 6G wireless — which could be in commercial use within 10 years.

Coinciding with a signing-off of global standardizations for the as-yet-unlaunched 5G radio technology by 3GPP this month we get news of initial development plans for faster 6G wireless. The Center for Converged TeraHertz Communications and Sensing (ComSenTer) says it’s investigating new radio technologies that will make up 6G.

One hundred gigabits-per-second speeds will be streamed to 6G users with very low latency, the group says on its website.

Getting ready for G6 details HERE.


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