The Union: California Public Utilities Commission hears opposition, support for the sale of Bright Fiber to Race Communications

The Union has the details, not everyone is happy with the sale, and the changes Race is planning to reduce the cost. The original proposals we for buried fiber and Race is proposing to put fiber on existing poles.

An advice letter filed with the California Public Utilities Commissions as part of a pending sale of Bright Fiber to Race Communications has spurred area residents to voice opposition and support over the announced acquisition.

Nineteen letters were received and released by the commission. Those include 10 voicing outright opposition, with the remaining letters either supporting the sale or requesting more time for further review.

The more details are HERE, including links to the letters submitted to the CPUC.

The Union Editorial Board was spot on in recommending the development of a community broadband strategic plan Our View: A future that involves Bright Fiber brings questions HERE.

My comment: The Editorial Board is on the mark, the County needs a strategic broadband plan, not only for Bright Fiber but a program for G5 which is on the horizon and will require a plethora of decisions to be made. Better to bring up the broadband issues now, get community concurrence in a strategic broadband plan for the community. Those communities with a broadband strategy will be better prepared to respond to Federal and State request for rural broadband grant proposals. Proposals come with a deadline, and those communities who have a plan will have an advantage in the stiff competition for rural broadband Federal and State grants.



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