Does Your Community Have a 5G Plan?

Some forward-thinking California communities are developing 5G implementation strategic plans. There are multiple decisions to be made before telcos start installing 5G small cell transmission and receiving station in a community.  Forward-thinking communities are getting answers now, rather than waiting for the installation teams to decent on the community.  FCC Commissioner Rosenworce  is promoting the San Jose model: 

Democratic FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on Wednesday gave a signal boost to agreements between San Jose and wireless carriers that will speed deployment of wireless services while also providing funding for digital access. The city negotiated separate deals with AT&T, Verizon and Mobilitie to allow the companies to install small cells — the scaled-down wireless network equipment that will be crucial for handling the data demands of 5G networks — on roughly 4,000 city-owned light poles. As part of the agreements, the companies will collectively contribute $24 million over the next decade to San Jose’s Digital Inclusion Fund. Rosenworcel published copies of the deals as model agreements for other municipalities, saying she hopes they can “inform the work of cities and towns nationwide to support universal broadband deployment and expand the civic and commercial opportunities of the digital age.”

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

Link to FCC model documents is HERE

Other communities are using consultants to manage their 5G relationships, including the development of strategic plans. One consultant active in California is XG Communities.

XG Communities (formerly 5 Bars) is an Irvine, California, privately held premier provider of Wireless Asset Marketing for municipalities developing comprehensive wireless strategies through a unique holistic view of city-owned assets, coverage and capacity. XG Communities is a leading wireless innovator bridging the gap between cities and carriers.

Regardless of the approach counties, cities, towns, and villages need to have a 5G Plan. Got Plan?


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