Got Plan?

El Paso County Colorado is developing a plan and they want insights from businesses and residents about Internet service options.

An online survey is to gather information for the county’s Broadband Strategic Plan, which will analyze what private providers offer in the county, from fiber-optic broadband to wireless, and planned expansions of those networks.

The study also will identify opportunities for regional collaboration and options on how to structure and fund broadband initiatives.

“We’d like as many residents and businesses as possible to complete the surveys so we have a clearer picture of where the needs are greatest,” county IT Director Jeff Eckhart said in a statement.

Those conducting the study also will interview business leaders, public safety agencies and other government entities, Eckhart said.

County commissioners in March approved a nearly $150,000 contract with professional engineering and technical consulting firm HR Green Inc. for the plan.

Does your County have a broadband plan? If not, why not? You cannot get to broadband for everyone with out an effective  plan. Have you consider putting your broadband requirmenets in your General Plan, which is used to guidle the future of your County. It is critical infrastucture just like power, water, waste removal and transportation and should be included in planning documents.


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