CETF: Let’s Talk Broadband

Sunne Wright McPeak, President, and CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund writes in the CETF newsletter introduction:

In this Summer 2018 edition, we are thrilled to feature former Federal Communications Commission member Mignon Clyburn, a passionate and effective advocate for Digital Inclusion who cares deeply about the issues California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) supports. Commissioner Clyburn joined CETF at a recent Digital Inclusion Roundtable co-hosted with The Greenlining Institute and The Utility Reform Network (TURN) on the occasion of the institute’s 25th anniversary. In other news: CETF, The Greenlining Institute, and TURN are jointly urging the FCC to require Internet Service Providers to make public critical affordable broadband adoption data. Commissioner Clyburn supports this effort and issued a powerful statement on her final day as Commissioner.

Please also read the Q&A with Amy Tong, Chief Information Officer for the California Department of Technology and Chair of the California Broadband Council on her plans to promote public-private partnerships. And get an update from the first School2Home Northern California Regional Leadership Collaborative.

The CETF Newsletter is HERE.



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