Coalitions Nudge Congress On Spectrum

— 16 organizations including the wireless industry groups CTIA, the Competitive Carriers Association and the Wireless Infrastructure Association are sending a letter to Congress today urging the advancement of the AIRWAVES Act spectrum bill, S. 1682 (115) and H.R. 4953 (115) , which aims to allocate more airwaves for the private sector while calling for a dividend of spectrum auction proceeds to go toward closing the digital divide in rural, hard-to-reach parts of the country. The letter, addressed to the bill’s bipartisan sponsors in the Senate and House, says Congress needs to act if the U.S. wants to lead internationally on deployment of 5G.

— “The AIRWAVES Act provides the certainty necessary for the U.S. to reclaim global wireless leadership by establishing clear auction deadlines for substantial amounts of low-, mid- and high-band spectrum,” said the coalition, which attracted signers ranging from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance to the African American Mayors Association. They praised the bill for devoting funds to rural America: “If this set-aside had been in place, the previous two spectrum auctions alone would have resulted in a rural broadband investment of more than $6 billion dollars — an amount more than the FCC’s Mobility Fund will make available over the course of a decade.”

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech [Editor Emphasis Added]




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