5G Over Hyped?

Well, yes as expected

“Pessimism about 5G has been growing behind the scenes in the mobile industry but Huawei is the first large infrastructure company to state it explicitly,: Canalys analyst Ben Stanton told the Financial Times this week. “The reality is that 5G will be incredibly expensive for operators to deploy, requiring tens of thousands of new base stations per country. And the industry is yet to uncover a killer-use case for the 5G network.”

Stanton argued that it’s “becoming clear that oft-cited use cases, like IoT and self-driving cars, are actually more dependent on computing power built into the device itself, rather than the network.”

A lot of this hype is coming from companies like Verizon, who have been striking major, taxpayer-subsidized 5G deployment deals with cities like Boston. As part of those deals, Verizon has convinced several cities that “smart city” tech will only be made possible by helping to subsidize Verizon’s network upgrades.

Long-time industry watcher Dave Burstein argues that most of the 5G-enabled miracles carriers are promising with 5G are little more than BS, and were already well underway (smart cities, IOT connectivity, VR, medical advancement) before the 5G hype train came to town.

H/T to Ken Bode at DSL Reports for this tip.  Full Report is HERE.

When it comes to a rural broadband solution, it is really over hyped. The technology is just not compatible with highly forested hills and valleys in sparsely populated regions. The real problem is that policymakers are buying the hype that 5G will solve the rural broadband divide.




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