New Space Tools for Economic Development.

Below is an email from Planet, formally Planet Lab, offering access to a global database of images providing the broadband user a new set of tools for exploring the planet and creating new ideas for analysis and possible business applications.

Hi Russell,

Planet has about 500 images for every given location on Earth’s landmass – a massive dataset, documenting immense change. To bring this change to life, we recently released two new Planet Explorer tools: Timelapse and Compare.

With the introduction of these features, anyone can easily tell stories of change by creating time series’ or side-by-side comparisons of Planet imagery, easily shareable online.

To get your feet wet, new Planet Explorer users will get access to global, full-resolution PlanetScope and RapidEye imagery for a two-week trial to browse, compare, and share stories of change from anywhere on Earth.

You can see these tools in action at our blog here, and sign up for your free trial at

The Planet Team



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