5G Fees and Approval Time Under Review at FCC

Carr Teases Next Steps On Infrastructure – Fresh off his work on regulatory reviews for small cell installations, Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said Thursday he’s turning his attention to state and local reviews for the 5G equipment. In a speech at CTIA’s Race to 5G Summit, Carr hit on the biggest complaints from wireless carriers as they seek to deploy the small wireless antennas – the fees, and the time it takes for approvals. “There is no question that states and localities expect and deserve to be compensated for the reasonable costs they incur in managing rights-of-way and access to public infrastructure,” Carr said. “But that does not mean we should view each deployment as a revenue generating opportunity.”

Carr signaled that shot clocks for approvals will be up for review, as will access to rights-of-way. But he was coy on timing, saying only he will share “more specific thoughts in the coming weeks.”

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

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