New Space Tools for Economic Development.

Below is an email from Planet, formally Planet Lab, offering access to a global database of images providing the broadband user a new set of tools for exploring the planet and creating new ideas for analysis and possible business applications. Hi Russell, Planet has about 500 images for every given location on Earth’s landmass – … Continue reading New Space Tools for Economic Development.


RCRC: Rural Broadband Update

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a notice of proposed rulemaking this week that will prohibit state and local governments from using Universal Service Fund (USF) dollars for equipment and services from providers identified as a national security risk. The order is targeting China-backed firms ZTE and Huawei who provide telecommunications equipment to U.S. service … Continue reading RCRC: Rural Broadband Update

5G Fees and Approval Time Under Review at FCC

Carr Teases Next Steps On Infrastructure - Fresh off his work on regulatory reviews for small cell installations, Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said Thursday he's turning his attention to state and local reviews for the 5G equipment. In a speech at CTIA's Race to 5G Summit, Carr hit on the biggest complaints from wireless … Continue reading 5G Fees and Approval Time Under Review at FCC

Wired: FCC Delays Are Keeping Broadband From Rural School Kids

Across the country, red tape has blocked 750,000 students from access to high speed internet, according to EducationSuperHighway. In Montana alone, 45,000 students live with limited connectivity. "I visited Woodman School and know that the need is there," said Governor Bullock in a statement to WIRED. "Red tape stands in the way of closing the … Continue reading Wired: FCC Delays Are Keeping Broadband From Rural School Kids

Sen. Tina Smith’s Broadband Play

Ever since Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn.) assumed her seat at the start of 2018, she talked up her goals for expanding broadband access, and on Thursday she unveiled legislation to help codify and tweak Agriculture Department grants aimed at spurring internet connectivity. Her bill would authorize the Community Connect grant program at $50 million annually. … Continue reading Sen. Tina Smith’s Broadband Play

Obama Broadband Stimulus and Rural Broadband

Senator Ted Cruz quoted in POLITICO Morning Tech newsletter. ". . . he [Cruz] viewed as wasted money from the billions of dollars spent on broadband stimulus under the Obama administration: “A lot of that money ended up nowhere near rural broadband.” When the ARRA Stimulus Broadband Request for Proposals was issued, I was consulting … Continue reading Obama Broadband Stimulus and Rural Broadband