Trump’s Broadband Shoutout

President Donald Trump during a speech Thursday gave a shoutout to broadband as part of the administration’s proposed $50 billion pot of money for rural infrastructure. “Very unfair!” he said of broadband being historically “left out” of major infrastructure investment. The reference caught the notice of Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), a co-chair of the Senate Broadband Caucus and longtime supporter of an infrastructure funding carveout for broadband. “This is an opportunity both to rebuild our roads & bridges & to build a brighter future for our country through #broadband & other important investments,” Capito wrote in a tweet. “Look forward to working together on this priority.”

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

Broadband is a transportation network for the products of the human brain, just like the road network moves potato from the field to market. We should treat broadband as critical infrastructure just like we treat the road networks which are critical to our economy. Moving the critical products of our rural brains to consumers is as important as moving the products of our fields to markets.  Why is this connection so hard for our political leaders to understand?


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