Tech And Telecom Measures Managed To Hitch A Ride on Omnibus

Ray Baum’s Act (H.R. 4986 (115)), a package of telecom provisions, was able to secure inclusion, Margaret reports. The telecom bill, the culmination of a bipartisan deal between House and Senate lawmakers, would reauthorize the FCC; free up airwaves for next-generation 5G wireless networks; and cover a funding shortfall stemming from a massive airwaves auction.

Rural broadband got a carveout: The omnibus includes $600 million for a new pilot program within USDA aimed at rural broadband, John and Sarah report. This additional boost of cash is on top of existing USDA broadband loan and grant programs.

The CLOUD Act is on board as well: The legislation (S. 2383 (115)), which has the backing of an array of tech companies including Microsoft and Apple, sets up a new legal framework for U.S. authorities to access data that’s stored abroad. The omnibus needs to be passed by both chambers of Congress by Friday to prevent another government shutdown.

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech [Emphasis added]


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