Spiral Gigabit Fiber Update

It’s been a long journey for Spiral to launch a gigabit fiber optic broadband network in Nevada County, mainly down State Highway 174. John Paul, Spiral CEO, writes:

“Google chose Kansas City, then a few more cities, then decided that building gigabit fiber optic networks was hard work. So it retreated. Spiral, however, hasn’t.

I promised more frequent updates. And this one is short. We’re weeks away from announcing how the project moves forward, and when we put some shovels into the ground. Stay tuned. Good progress is being made.

John Paul
Co-founder & CEO
Spiral Internet
(530) 478-9822

Let’s hope that Spiral has more insight into how to control costs than Google did. The latest thinking is fiber to the curb and 5G Gigabits to multiple homes on the block, to reduce the connection costs.


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