Next Century Cities Mayors Press FCC On 5G

Mayors and local officials from over 35 cities are pressing the FCC to include more local input as it develops plans to expand broadband deployment and establish 5G infrastructure. In a letter led by Next Century Cities, the officials criticize the agency for its efforts to restrict local involvement in such efforts. “The Commission currently seems more focused on limiting local decision-making and oversight than on tackling the larger barriers that are discouraging new broadband investment,” they write in a letter to agency commissioners.

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

A copy of the Mayor’s letter is HERE. The Bottom line for the Mayors is Pay to Play

The Commission should be focused on encouraging investment in better networks rather than limiting our local authority merely because the large internet companies find it inconvenient to pay their fair share in using the public rights-of-way.

Looking at the list of mayors I did not recognize any rural communities in the Sierra. Many of these communities could be concerned about all those pizzas size antennas littering the historical scenery.  This is going become a major PR issue for the telecommunication providers. Local control is a highly emotional issue.

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