A Message From CTIA And America’s Wireless Industry

We need new rules for new 5G networks. Proposed FCC rules modernizing federal environmental and historic preservation reviews of new wireless infrastructure are a critical step. We need similar action by cities, states, the FCC and Congress to update local siting rules. Identifying a pipeline of new low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum is the other piece of the puzzle. These key steps will allow U.S. wireless companies to invest $275 billion, create more than 3 million jobs, and add hundreds of billions to the economy, according to Accenture. This will drive breakthrough advancements in remote health care, connected vehicles, energy, education and beyond-making our lives better and safer. But the race to deploy 5G wireless networks is underway-and policymakers must act this year so that the U.S. can maintain our global leadership in wireless. The EU, China, Japan, South Korea and others are doing everything they can to win. Learn more at Raceto5G.CTIA.org.

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech



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